The question in a place of statements,
Seeking the beyond of the edge.

Verb, not noun,
Motion in the dna,
tension in the status quo

Liquid held in a flat tray,
Too fluid to be balanced,
Designed to spill.

The discordant note,
Which, in good time,
May yet become the rhythmic hook.

The piece of grit,
Part-digested by the mollusc
Slowly and painfully turning to pearl.

The gift of not fitting in.
The curse of it, the blessing.

…has moved to here, sorry

…has moved to here, sorry

…has moved to here, sorry

Hello, if you’re looking for the individual formally known as Ordinandy, I have moved to here, sorry to be annoying, but hey ho.

Pop over to the new place, watch out for the decorating & unpacked boxes, the kettle is on – fancy a cuppa & a chat?